Located in the province of Cuneo, between the Langhe hills and Mount Monviso, Biraghi S.p.A. was founded in 1934 by Ferruccio Biraghi, one of the most visionary entrepreneurs of the Italian industrial landscape at the time. Born in Lodi in 1909, Ferruccio Biraghi started working at Latterie Soresinesi, where, following in his father’s footsteps, he became involved in the machinery for milk processing and transformation. After moving to Cavallermaggiore, his true adventure began: he established the renowned Piedmontese company as a sole proprietorship and immediately conquered the summits of the dairy market, gaining the full approval of the Italian public. The business evolved and progressed steadily, allowing Biraghi to grow year after year. In the 1980s, Biraghi set its sights on the future, transitioning from an artisanal cheese factory to a prominent joint-stock company, recognized both nationally and internationally. Today, the company employs approximately 250 people who are dedicated to selecting the finest Italian milk, sourced exclusively from around 200 agricultural companies in the Piedmont region.

As a modern and innovative enterprise, Biraghi S.p.A. constantly invests in the research of new production techniques and the development of human resources, with the aim of strengthening its position in the market and differentiating itself from competitors by focusing on aspects of 100% Italian quality and authenticity.

Currently led by Bruno and Anna Biraghi, the children of Ferruccio, the company is supported by experienced managers in the field. The Biraghi brand has been chosen by the Italian National Football Teams to fuel the Azzurri and Azzurre of all squads, embodying the values that Biraghi S.p.A. has always identified with: Italian heritage, excellence in its field, unity, promotion of a healthy and balanced diet, and the importance of sports.


Consumer care is one of the pillars of Biraghi S.p.A. It shines through in the quality of our locally sourced raw materials and our products, which undergo rigorous quality checks before reaching the market.

Our product range is designed to meet the diverse needs of consumers, and our packaging is thoughtfully crafted to provide exceptional convenience. With features like the easy-open zip lock, freshness-preserving seal, and appropriate portion sizes for daily family use, we ensure a high level of service in every package.

We understand that consumers expect the best, and we strive to exceed those expectations. That’s why we invest in the selection of premium ingredients, meticulous production processes, and continuous improvement to deliver products of exceptional quality.

The satisfaction and well-being of our consumers are at the forefront of our minds. We value their trust and loyalty, and we are dedicated to providing them with products that are not only delicious but also safe and nutritious.

Choose Biraghi S.p.A. for a consumer-focused experience that delivers on quality, convenience, and satisfaction. We are committed to putting the consumer first in everything we do.


Biraghi S.p.A. operates its sole production facility in Cavallermaggiore, in the province of Cuneo, Piemonte. Spanning an impressive area of 166,500 square meters, our facility houses all the processing stages, from milk collection to the final production of Gran Biraghi cheese, Gorgonzola D.O.P., Butter, and Ricotta. We adhere to rigorous hygiene standards and ensure absolute quality assurance throughout the entire production process.

Both the Gran Biraghi cheese and Gorgonzola D.O.P. cheese wheel are carefully aged in dedicated storage areas. At the end of the aging period, the cheese wheel are expertly cut and packaged, giving rise to our delectable Gran Biraghi line (Grated, Biraghini, Snack, Petals, and Wedges) as well as the exquisite and convenient packaging of Gorgonzola D.O.P.

Our facility represents a harmonious blend of state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship, allowing us to create products of exceptional flavor, texture, and quality. We take pride in our meticulous attention to detail and our unwavering commitment to delivering cheese and dairy products that meet the highest standards.



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